It was August, two years ago that we shot a film in California. She was a Western…a new story told by the sons and daughters of the old cowboys.

It was our story. Sleeping bag to sleeping bag, we slept outside in front of the night sky, rising at dawn to meet new friends and strange locations. Those nights, the Cobras never had any dreams, because we were living one.

The adventure of traveling to make A GODDAMN WESTERN was exciting as the film itself. How can we share this with you?

There must be an app for that.

There wasn’t, so we made one. The Goddamn Cobras created Tumbleweed, an interactive storytelling app that makes your life into a movie. Wherever you live in the world, you can now participate in our story. Join us.

Tumbleweed debuts this August. Sign up HERE for a preview of the full experience. More about our screenings and celebrations to come.

Yours-sss, Megar