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Bow Ribbons // Part 1 // “Peace Sundress”
Cobra Den Invitational
In Pt.1, Willow sings the band’s ‘Peace Sundress’ with nothing but Pete’s acoustic guitar and our awkward but well-intentioned background chanting to accompany her.

Bow Ribbons // Part 2 // “All Is Loneliness”
Cobra Den Invitational

In Pt. 2, Bow Ribbons & friends cover “All is Loneliness,” turning this sparse, 2-min song as first recorded by Moondog (and covered in 1967 by Big Brother & the Holding Co. featuring Janis Joplin) into an epic 9-minute psychblues jam.

Willow Gibbons-Lead Vocals
Peter Vogl-Guitar, Vocals
Matt Mehlan-Guitar, Vocals
Arik Roper-Guitar, Vocals
Erin Weckerle-Shakers, Vocals
Michael Gallope-Accordian, Vocals


Bow Ribbons are a Brooklyn-based duo comprised of the lovely Pete Vogl and Willow Gibbons. They’re currently working on their first full-length album, due out imminently.​​bowribbons

Our invitation to the band:

Why did we film this the way we did?:

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