Some Cobras hung out this weekend with the folks from Bushwick Review and other new friends for the inagural Do-A-Thing-A-Thon. Call Box was the perfect place for beer and an initial brainstorming session Friday night, while Saturday we all huddled in the Cobra House and got busy making stuff while a real storm wailed on outside.

So what Things did we Do? Here’s what:

Paper Jams: We founded a zine-y feeling Tumblr blog of handmade 2D art printed through black and white copy machines. We’re going to keep it going, so submit a picture, joke, story, recipe, what have ya.

The New York Crimes radio drama first recording: Kristen, captain of Bushwick Review, has the beginnings of a radio serial about hipster detectives in modern day New York. Saturday we did the first reading and recorded it for your enjoyment.

Groundbreaking Meatball Innovations: Alicia’s got a meatball party coming up soon. She’s a bit competive, so she wanted to access our assembled brains for some innovations that will make her balls the belles of the meatball ball. The gang came up with the Venn Diaball, a meeting of Alicia’s Mediterranean lamb ball and zesty veal ball.

Hex stories: In HTML, color is communicated in a hex code of letters a-f and 0-9. Tim discovered the delightful fact that #69beef is a nice pale blue. We came up with some interesting words stories written with these colors – you can check them out at Tim’s website here. Coding the hexes into songs may be next – get excited.

Spinning in Middle Earth: Our friends Julie and Ross have been KILLING IT for fantasy and news nerds alike with @MiddleEarthPR. They wanted to come up with more hilarious tweets or some other stuff inspired by the @MiddleEarthPR concept. While we wrote, collaged and coded we had Lord of the Rings going on DVD. You can keep up with the hilarious headlines on Twitter.

And coming soon:

Dream bombing: Rob has a gorgeous vision of balloons or paper airplanes or floating Chinese lanterns dropping questions and messages and treats and dreams from the sky. We’re gonna think on a contraption that won’t choke seabirds or set the city on fire or get Homeland Security on our asses. Stay tuned dudes.

Stitch a city: Goddamn Cobras are dreaming of an old-fashioned variety show – we’re gonna stitch together a rad cityscape to make our guests and bits look way fly.

Stay tuned for the next Do-A-Thing-A-Thon!