The time travel survival party dream of Cobras’ own band Zebros was made Manifest Sunday night at Bushwick Starr. The event was the Platonic Form of a Cobra effort – (probably overly) ambitious plans; heroic helping; an enthusiastically-executed spectacle; all followed by a beautifully obnoxious dance party.

Today Zebros are legion, and the numbers and energy are growing. On Sunday, the Zebros End of the World Party Tribe included:

  1. Justin “Jables” Bland / sounds, stories
  2. Molly “Wildflower” Brolin / stiches
  3. Katharine “Megargoyle” Henner / tales
  4. Justin “Bearclaw” Johnson / notes
  5. Greg “Old Gregg” Kuebler / light library
  6. Hugh “Manatee” McMullen / nouns & verbs
  7. Robert “Homebear” Merrill / foundations, illusionry
  8. Gary “Soups” Rotter / alchemy

Zebros are always looking for friends. Say yes.